About Seven Arches Publishing

A small independent start-up, Seven Arches Publishing began in 2009. Most of us involved came from educational backgrounds and wanted to publish books that would intrigue, amaze and hold spellbound the young reader.
In the past we have accepted submissions for both children’s and adult books but currently we are having to limit our list. However, if you have a story you are passionate about call back again and check out our contact page where we will post submission information when we are in a position to take on new titles.
We think the lines are blurring between writers and readers, and to that end we often offer opportunities for readers’ writing and illustrations to be included in our book production. You can find out more about this on our competition page.
We are very proud of the fact that teachers have taken our books all over the world. Below are pictures taken by a teacher from a Brighton primary school visiting a partner school in Uganda. She took copies of our book ‘Does the Tardis Have a Carbon Footprint?’ with her on her visit.

Most importantly we are caught between a fascination with the past and the world we are moving towards which can never be known but is often written about in science fiction. Our Time Traveller Series, now with 13 titles, celebrates our UK heritage and raises questions about mankind’s survival.
Like the small child at the old-fashioned desk, readers of our Time Traveller series are transported back to the reality of life in different times.

Seven Arches in Uganda

Does The Tardis have a Carbon Footprint? Our book of poems makes a visit to Africa!

Sarah Garrett shares books and lesson plans with the class.

The children complete a quiz based on the environmental ethos of the book.