Quizzing Snakes and Ladders the board game with it's own App!

Game Description

Snakes and Ladders is an ancient game that relies entirely on luck. Quizzing Snakes and Ladders gives luck a a twist in the tail and it has replaced ladders with the intriguing power packs. It is best played with three players but adaptions to this are easy. To set up you will need a mobile phone. Go to google play and choose the free Quizzing snakes and ladders App. You will find loads of different topics for your game: general knowledge, dinosaurs, films, pop stars whatever your interest (and, of course, quizzes about books published by Seven Arches) ... Players have a board each. Do you want to play on the red board, the blue board OR be the Quizmaster in charge of the phone and the dice? Throw a die to choose. The highest number chooses first. The players place their pawns on the start square of their board. The Quizmaster rolls two dice and the numbers are added together and the players move on their board that number. If you land on a power pack you must answer a question put to you by the Quizmaster. If you get it right you move forward more squares according to the rules but, if you get it wrong, back you go. Of course, if you land on a snake's head you slide down just like the original game. There is a cruel strategy option, and you'll find more detail in the full rules but this is a game that can have as many different versions as there are different snakes on the planet. (Do I just mean an animal that has had a bad press since forever, or could it be that person smiling at you across the room?) Quizzing Snakes and Ladders is old meets new and you'll love it.

Game Details

  • Requires App Download
  • Fun For All Ages
  • General Knowledge
  • Available from Gamecrafter or Direct from Seven Arches Publishing

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