The Portico SADIE Massey Awards

In Manchester in 1799 two well-dressed prosperous gentlemen could be seen walking the streets buttonholing friends and acquaintances and pressing subscription books on them. The two were Robert Robinson and Michael Ward, attempting to raise funds to build a newsroom and a library.

This is the opening sentence of a book on the history of The Portico Library.

The Portico library is housed in beautiful building in the centre of the city.  Built with money raised from private individuals by those two gentlemen, it is still a private members library.  But now it is much, much more. It preserves old books, manuscripts and artifacts, has cultural and literary events, provides a quiet space for reflection in the noisy city centre and promotes and encourages literary effort for adults and children. We work with the library to promote The Portico Sadie Massey Awards. Our wonderful book Time Travellers and the Crystal Dome – Stories From The Portico Library celebrates the child winners of the reading and writing competitions.

Check out more about The Portico and the competition on their website:

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The links below show how much schools value their pupils taking part in The Portico SADIE Massey Awards:

On The Portico Library website Emily Graham, the winner of the 2017 Creative Writing Award, explains how she felt about entering The Portico Sadie Masey Award and then finding out that she had won:

Early 2017 I was encouraged by my high school English teacher to partake in The Portico Sadie Massey Awards. I entered genuinely thinking I wouldn’t even be recognised, never mind win! The Portico Sadie Massey awards changed the way I see my writing, encouraging me to carry on writing and to be confident in myself. I remember holding ‘The Time Travellers and the Crystal Dome’ for the very first time. I was taken aback when seeing my own work published. The words that were once scrawled upon rough pieces of paper finally perfectly printed inside a book. I was inspired beyond belief.